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Bob Schmelzer’s Resources

I’ve written the following two guides to help pilots prepare for practical examinations. In them, you’ll find subjects that are fair game on the exams as well as common stumbling points. Feel free to use them while preparing for your practicals. Private and Commercial Pilot Test Guide Instrument Pilot Test Guide As a flight instructor and pilot examiner, one of the areas I consistently see (and hear) both new and veteran pilots struggle with is proper ATC Communications. You don’t have to be a professional pilot to sound like one. But the more important reason to use proper ATC Communications is that they result in a safer and more efficient operation with less likelihood of misunderstandings between pilots and ATC. An effective study of proper Radio Communications Phraseology and Techniques should begin by reviewing the AIM (Aeronautical Information Manual) Chapter 4, Section 2. To supplement your AIM review, I have provided below several typical ATC/Pilot communication exchanges in a wide variety of ground and flight scenarios that you can use to enhance your own ATC Communication skills that I hope you will find helpful. Please bear in mind the exact wording I have used in these scenarios are only suggestions that have worked well for me over the years and are in no way intended to illustrate the only or necessarily the best phraseology to be used in every possible situation. Let your own good common sense and judgment be your guide. Good luck and happy communicating! ATC Communications Sampler

Dr William Weaver

Contact him at (847) 952-1180 1830 JARVIS AVE ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL 60007

Dr Thomas Cozzi

Contact him at (847) 394-9900 1430 N ARLINGTON HEIGHTS RD ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL 60004

Dr Stephen Vogel

Contact him at (847) 657-1700 2150 PFINGSTON STE 3000 GLENVIEW, IL 60025

Dr James Pride

Contact him at (847) 577-9300 3405 N ARLINGTON HEIGHTS RD ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL 60004

Dr Dean Velis

Dean T. Velis, MD, FACP is a licensed private Pilot. Several members of LEFC use him as their AME. Dr. Velis is a fellow of the American College of Physicians, was certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in 1995 and by the American Board of Phlebology in 2008 (Inaugral Examination). He is a licensed Physician and Surgeon in Illinois, California, Wisconsin, and the European Economic Community. He is also a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at, University of Illinois College of Medicine (UIC). Contact him at (847) 259-8226 1430 N ARLINGTON HEIGHTS RD STE 206 ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL 60004

Dr David Spindel

Contact him at (847) 475-0694 800 AUSTIN ST SUITE 360 EVANSTON, IL 60202

Dave Young’s Resources

I’ve decided to share with you the lesson plans I wrote while working on my CFI, CFII, and MEI. They heavily reference the Airplane Flying Handbook as well as the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge. They contain easy-to-follow guides through certain maneuvers and knowledge areas, written in plain old English. My goal when I wrote them was to make no assumptions in the reader’s knowledge level. Whether you’re working on your PPL or your MEI, I hope you find them useful. Please remember that these may have errors in them, and that you should always consult the latest FAA publications, aircraft manuals, and Practical Test Standards as the final source of information. If you notice any typos or have any suggestions as to how I can make these lesson plans better, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Ground Aeromedical Factors Aviation Publications Currency IPC Outline Weather Weather Services Aircraft Aircraft Systems Control Surfaces Forces Instrument Systems Reciprocating Engines Single-Engine Aerodynamics and Regulations Stability Tailwheel Flying Turning Tendencies VMC Weight and Balance Maneuvers Airspeed Changes Chandelles Climbs and Level-Offs from Climbs Descents and Level-Offs from Descents Drag Demonstration Eights on Pylons Emergency Landings Engine Out Procedures Lazy Eights Level Turns Normal and Crosswind Takeoffs Power Off 180s Power Off Stalls Power On Stalls Rectangular Course Slow Flight Spins Short Field Takeoffs and Climbs Short Field Landings Soft Field Takeoffs and Climbs Soft Field Landings Stalls Steep Spirals Steep Turns Straight and Level Flight Turns Across a Road Turns Around a Point VMC Demonstration VFR/IFR Flying Cross-Country Planning E6B Guide Enroute and Lost Comms Holds IAPs ILS Instrument Approaches in Multi-Engine Aircraft Instrument Scans Localizer-Type Approaches Lost Procedures Navigation Navigational Equipment Scanning and Collision Avoidance Systems and […]

Dr Bruce Chien, CFIA-I-MEI-ATP

Dr Bruce Chien specializes in difficult cases. He is known by aviators across the country, and you can usually find him responding personally to posts on various pilot medical forums. Dr Chien is also an ATP. Contact him at (309) 689-5242 1320 BIRD BOULEVARD PEORIA, IL 61615