Breakfast Meetings

Pilots love to talk about airplanes and pilots love to eat. Our monthly breakfast meetings bring both together. While informal in nature, the meetings center around multiple safety topics, including flight operations, ADM and the popular “True Confessions”. Pass the syrup!!!

Dog Day Afternoons

It’s been a tough week and the weekend is a stone’s throw away. What better way to make the transition than to head over to PWK, plop down in a lawn chair, hot dog in one hand and a pop in the other. Now imagine yourself talking to the person next to you, while never moving your gaze from the airport activity. Dog Day Afternoons, it’s what Friday’s (or Saturday’s) were meant to be.

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Aviation Seminars

Our members share a passion for learning, because we know an educated pilot is a safer pilot. It’s in that spirit that you will find us attending off-site seminars, or bringing in a guest speaker to share their expertise with us. To steal a line from AOPA, “a good pilot is always learning.”

Club Flyouts

A mile of highway takes you a mile; A mile of runway takes you anywhere. Like most pilots, we look for reasons to fly. Whether its lunch in Janesville, Sweet Corn from Dacy or being part of the excitement at Oshkosh, Leading Edge Pilots take advantage of the opportunity at hand. Current plans include visiting airport museums, including Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the Kalamazoo Air Zoo.