We are fortunate to have available to our members, the finest flight instructors in the area. All of the following instructors are members of LEFC and operate as independent contractors (LEFC is not a flight school). Please click on the instructor’s name to contact them directly for rates and availability.

ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, Cirrus Standardized Instructor (CSIP), Type: CE-500, CE-650, HS-125
Rob Mark earned his CFI certificate in 1975. He’s flown for the original Midway Airlines and also as a corporate pilot around Chicagoland where he earned type ratings in the Cessna Citation 500 and CE-650, as well as the Hawker 800. Before spreading his wings as a commercial pilot, Rob also spent 10 years with the FAA as both a VFR Tower and Radar controller, as well as an ATC supervisor.

An award-winning journalist, Rob edits the weekly aviation magazine, AINSafety. He’s also the author of five aviation books and hundreds of articles for Flying, AOPA Pilot, Business Jet Traveler, Aviation International News and Air Line Pilot magazine. Rob Mark publishes the award-winning aviation blog, Jetwhine.com and co-hosts and produces the weekly radio show, Airplane Geeks. He’s still struggling to identify whether his favorite flying experience focused around the 450 hours of tail dragger time he logged in his Citabria, or the hour and a half he managed to grab in the left seat of the Airbus A380. Rob teaches in all LEFC aircraft.

Rob can be reached at either (847) 644-1575 or rmark@commavia.com.

Lou Wipotnik

Lou has earned his Master CFI designation for the 10th time, and was the 1996 National CFI of the Year. Holding the Master CFI designation continuously since 1998, in 2016 Lou was granted Master Instructor Emeritus (MIE) status with his induction into the Illinois Aviation Hall of Fame. This is recognition of his many years of commitment to excellence, professional growth, service to the aviation community, and quality aviation education. He has taught for several distinctive flying schools during his aviation career and has logged over 15,000 hours as PIC in over 59 years as a pilot. Lou also served in the Civil Air Patrol, flies Young Eagles, and is a FAASTeam Representative for the FAA’s DuPage FSDO, and is recipient of the distinguished FAA Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award. View Lou’s Certificate.

Lou can be reached at either jan.lou@comcast.net or (847) 800-3776.

Bob’s Resources
Bob’s passion for flying lead him to earn his CFI at age 18 and he’s been an active gold seal CFI ever since. Since then, he has flown skydivers, air-taxi commercial operations, commuter airliners, and was lucky enough to join the “Friendly Skies” of United Airlines at age 24 where he is currently captain and line check airman on the Boeing 777. Bob joined the LEFC as a CFI in November 2008 and enjoys flying with many of the club’s pilots as their CFI and/or pilot examiner (DPE).

Bob can be reached at either Flitexams@aol.com or (847) 838-4314.

Jim has been flying since 1990, and instructing since 2002. He has approximately three thousand hours of experience, including two thousand hours of dual instruction given. Jim flew state-of-the-art, Embraer Regional Jets for Continental Express (ExpressJet), and also spent some time flying right seat in the Lear 35A for a local charter operator. He has flown and instructed in a wide variety of general aviation aircraft including the Luscombe Silvaire, Cessna 152, 172, 182, and 210; Piper Warrior, Archer, Dakota, Arrow, Saratoga/Lance, Apache, Aztec, Seminole; Beech Bonanza and Baron; and the Cirrus SR20/SR22. Currently, Jim instructs at Leading Edge Flying Club, trains with a number of private owners, and runs his own technical documentation and training business.

Jim can be reached at either allenfort@yahoo.com or (847) 910-8451

Brandon has worked diligently to achieve his dream of becoming a FAA Certified Flight Instructor, after a successful IT career.  He achieved the dream and is instructing on a full-time basis.  We are updating our website and will include his bio and picture shortly.

Brandon can be reached at mailto:anderson.brandon@gmail.com.